Police Force & Special Constables World War 2

The War Reserve Police or Special Constables was introduced in 1939. British police traditionally were unarmed, but during the war officers were armed with Canadian Ross rifles for protection from enemy action, enemy sabotage and to assist with the armed forces. Duties of a WRC included the usual activities of a Constable, as well as enforcing blackouts, combating black market activity, assisting in evacuations and air raids, and capturing deserting soldiers. Uniform and equipment was the same as a regular Constable, with the exception of uniform epaulettes which were detailed WRC above the collar number and divisional sign.

World War 1World War 2
Sgt Matthew Slack - Police
Joyce Oliver - Police Auxiliary
Thomas W Wilkinson - Special Constable
Frederick George Simpson - Police War Reserve
Thomas James - Special Constable
Walter E Reay - Special Constable
William R R Bond - Special Constable
Charles Knox - Special Constable
John Wilkinson - Special Constable
Edmund S Coomer - Special Constable
Ernest Routledge - Special Constable
Samuel S Muscroft - Special Constable
Ernest A Green - Special Constable
James luke - Police Reserve
Fred Thubron - Special Constable Group Leader
Albert Shuttleworth - Special Constable
Richard Applegarth - Special Constable
Edward Jones- Special Constable
Grieve - Police Constable
J.G. Hammond- Superintendent
Robert William George - Police Constable
Bert Coates- Inspector

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