First Aid

First Aid Exercise
Soldier's, Civil Defence and Civilians were constantly aware of the threat of invasion during the war. As such there were many drills to try and prepare for any enventuality. This Photo was taken from a news article which shows a young boy being treated during a first-aid exercise by the Durham 89th and 91st detachments of the Red Cross in Sunderland. This was supported by the Boldon A.R.P Mobile Hospital

Boldon Mask Tests
The threat to human life during the war came in many forms, Bombing, fire and also Gas as such every resident was issued with gas masks. This included young children, babies and even animals who were the most vunerable from such an attack. For young children just being placed in these contraptions must have been terrifyingOn Saturday 16 may 1942 the Sunderland Daily echo post and notice for Boldon which stated "Residents of East Boldon are advised by the Head Warden (Mr H Fewster) to have their respirators tested between May 18 and Thursday May 21 at the Wardens Post 7 Ashleigh Villas East Boldon. The hours will be 9.30 to noon, 1.30 to 4 pm.. and 5.30 to 10.30p.m. daily"

Walter Lowe - Ambulance
Thomas W Harles - First Aid
John Knox - First Aid
Henry Snaith - Ambulance
Frederick Westgarth - First Aid
Denis f O'kelly - Instructor in Ambulance work,First Aid
Alice Gault - local Ambulance & Nursing
Leslie hays - Ambulance
Gladys Rosenthal - Mobile unit First Aid

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