Paper Memories

Air Raid 1943

Boldon Colliery suffered heavy damage in last night's enemy raid on the North-East Coast. A police sergeant and a young women was killed and in neighbouring West Boldon three other young people were killed by blast from a high explosve bomb as they were running to put out an incendiary bomb.

Altogether it is estimated that 25 planes took part in the raid and only about half of them came over the land. One was brought down. German radio says "Heavy bombers of the Luftwaffe effectively continued their attackes on Newcastle and the East Coast of England last night."

A heavy and almost continuous barrage was kept up against the raiders by anti-air-craft batteries.

Buildings in the bombed village were wrecked-the Co-operative stores on both sides of the street, the miners Hall, Workmen's institute, Police station a chapel, a public-house, many shops and houses. At least eight streets were involved in this incident, and it is miraculous that nobody was killed at this point. Many families were rendered homeless and rest centres were opened.

All night long wardens and other braches of Civil Defence services were at work helping the injured and homeless. So great was the spirit of neighbourliness shown by all that this morning only a minority were without homes to go to for temporary accomodation.

Sunderland Daily echo 1943