Auxilary Base

This section is for details of the base for the Auxilary Force in Boldon, this was usually highly secret only known to those who were members. They could have been specially dug underground or used existing natural resources like old caves or mine workings At the moment no information is currently known of Boldon's auxilary base. Any information would be greatly received please email the address below.

Here we have an example of a base taken from an early Kent design By the end Of 1940 about 300 hideouts were already in use around the country, and another 61 were ready by the spring of 1941. There were some 534 by the end of that year, and although no later figures are available, upwards of a thousand existed at the time that the Auxiliary Units patrols were disbanded. No two were identical, but most were eventually made large enough to house six or seven men in reasonable comfort

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