Paper Memories

Boldon Sea Hero
A Boldon-born man Mr Robert Hanson, now living in Claremont Avenue Sunderalnd has been awarded the Royal Humane Society's testimonial on vellum for saving the life of a sailor whose ship had been smashed in an enemy attack on a convoy. Hanson who was second mate of his vessel, was standing on deck when he saw two survivors of the ship floating in the water among pieces of wreckage. Diving fully clothed from the bulwarks in the darkness, he found one man and swam with him until they were picked up by a motor-launch.

Source: Newcastle Journal and North Mail
Date: Thursday september 4 1941

Boldon Colliery
There was a presentation last night in the Picture palace to A B W H Horner on his gaining the Military Medal. This young man was sent to the Dardanelles when he was only 18, and from there to France where he has gained this honour, though he is not yet 20. He worked at Boldon Colliery previous to enlisting. There was a crowded and enthusiastic audience when Mr R Robinson (Secretary of the Mechanics Association) made the presentation on behalf of the Boldon Colliery Heroes and Welcome Committee. The presentation consisted of a gold watch and gold albert and a 10S treasury note. Mr Robinson also pinned the Military Medal on to the brerast of the young hero. The Boldon Colliery Heroes and Welcome Committee have up to the present presented eleven gold watches and alberts to men who were workmen at Boldon Colliery previous to their enlisting. The names of the mean are :- Sergeat W. Cowling, M.M Pte J D Charlton, M.M Pte H. Sewell. M.M Pte W. Codling, D.C.M (since been Killed) Pte S Bartram. M.M Corporal W Moyle, M.M Pte J Best. M.M Pte W H Green M.M, Pte J Rudd M.M. Sergeant Major J H Griffiths, M.M A B W H Horner M.M There are four other men to be presented with gold watches and alberts when they return home on leave.

Source: Sunderland Daily Echo
Date: Thursday september 27 1917

Boldon Veteran Dead
Mr John Breheny (72) of 21 Wilfred Street, Boldon Colliery who has died at Moor Lane Hospital, South Shields was three years ago presented a D.M.A Pioneer certificate after 50 years in the Mines. He served through the Great War and had been a member of Legion since its commencement. He leaves two sons and one daughter (all married) one son serving in the RAF and one in the DLI. The funeral will take place at South Boldon Colliery on Saturday.

Source: Sunderland Echo and Shipping Gazette
Date: Thursday jan 30 1941

Boldon Colliery
Presentation to a Soldier at the Electric Palace Boldon Colliery, Corporal J E Dodds R.E was presented with a gold watch and albert on the occasion of his having been awarded the Military Medal. The presentation was made by Mr J Robinson of Tyne Dock, on behalf of the subscribers, the officials, and workmen of the colliery. Mr William A Stephenson manager on behalf of the directors of the Palace also presented Corporal Adams with a 1 Treasury note.

Source: Newcastle Daily Journal
Date: Thursday October 10 1918

Boldon Soldiers Three Adventurous Years
An east Boldon soldier, Private Stanley Bruce, who has been serving in the Middle East for the past three years and has been in all the major actions to date is now home on leave. A reservist, he was called up at the outbreak of war and was sent overseas almost immediately. Upon arrival in this country the first thing that impressed him was the wonderful morale of the people. "The Forces out there," he said, "konw how the people have been bombed, and i can tell you that the troops pay tribute to the wonderful way in which you have stood up to the raids. One thing I am amazed to see is ow well the people are fed. Some of us had the impression that you were nearly starving." In the three years he has been in the Middle East he has had enough advenures to last him a lifetime. He took part in General Waveil's first great advance and then in the Syrian campaigns. Returning to Libya, he was in the siege of Tobruk and was among those who fought their way out of the town when the siege was raised. During the siege he said the morale of the troops never waned. Food was good, but one of the chief troubles was the lack of water.

Source: The Evening News
Date: Wednesday November 18 1942

Fans Death

Mr W Taylor Signaller in Boer War

The death has occurred suddenly at the age of 69, of Mr William Taylor, of 57 Church Street Boldon Colliery. Mr Taylor who was born at Jarrow, started work in the mine at Whitburn at the age of 14. He was in the Royal Signal Corps during the Boer War and served in the Army in South Africa and in France during World War 1. Keenly interested in wireless he was one of the founders of the Radio Hut at Boldon Colliery. Mr Taylors wife died 15 years ago. He leaves two sons both married.

Source: Sunderland Echo and Shipping Gazette
Date: Tuesday November 5 1946