Usworth Aerodrome

RAF Usworth (HER 1824)

Usworth 1941, on the road the 1st left turn you can see a small building. This is the 3 Horse shoe Hotel which still stands today. Note how sparse the landscape is with barely a house in sight. At the top of the airfield where the road starts to bend, the field boundary is where a new road will be built cutting across the landscape. Click on image for a larger view. Here you can see how the landscape has changed dramatically with lots of houses on both sides of the river. The Old field boundary mentioned in the other picture is now the A19. The top end of the road to the left is now much wider on this picture with the bottom end where the Aircraft museum and 3 Horse Shoe Hotel still reside. However across the road the Airfield is now completely covered by the Nissan site. The right hand side of the airflied you can see the A1231 and the new Vantec site. Click on image for a larger view.