Charles William Hines

Ref: D/DLI 2/7/18(62)
Photograph of Major C.W. Hines, 7th Battalion, The Durham Light Infantry, killed in action 24 May 1915

Ref: D/DLI 2/7/18(6)
Group photograph of the officers of the 7th Battalion, The Durham Light Infantry, taken at Conway Camp, Carnovonshire, July 1914 Back row: Hunt, Errington, Sutcliffe, Bell, Page, Storey, Kirkup, Bowes, Mail, Broadley, Jacks Front row: Purvis, Hines, Bowman, Vaux, Byrne, Wawn, Priestly On ground: Wood, Josephs, Laing, Sayer
Name:Charles William Hines
Address:East Boldon
Service Record:
StoryCharles before the war was a Solicitor & Territorial Officer. Unmarried he lived with his widowed mother Elizabeth Hines b1848, also umarried and at home were Francis b1876, Constance Mary b1879, Oswald b1880, Austin b1878 and Gerald b1889.On the 27th March 1897 charles a member of the 3rd (Sunderland) Volunteer Brigade of the Durham Light Infantry was promoted to 2nd Lieutenant. On the 1st of April 1908 saw the end of the 3rd volunteers and the establishment of the 7th Durhams as a Territorial Unit at which time Charles W Hines was recorded as holding the rank of Captain. The Battalion were in Conway in Agust 1914 when war commenced and the camp was broken up. The battalion returned to Sunderland on August Bank Holiday and Mobilized at Garrison Field, they took on coastal defence duties. The 1st line of the Battalion went to France on April 19th 1915 and gained many honours in battle. They became a Pioneer Battalion wearing the emblem of the pick and shoval. Charles was a Major in the Durham Light Infantry serving in the 7th Battalion when he was killed in action on the 25th June 1915 at Ypres.

Ref: D/DLI 2/7/18(64)
Group photograph of officers of the 7th Battalion, The Durham Light Infantry, at Gateshead, 1915 Back row: Bell, Sayer, Bowes, Kirkup, Adamson, McIntyre, Hickey, Greenwood, Broadley Front row: Hunt, Mail, Spain, Vaux, Hines, Errington, Sutcliffe

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