Repatriation of Prisoners

German P.O.W's are being repatriated through Newcastle from camps in Cheshire, Yorkshire and Scotland, where there are about 15,000 prisoners. The first batch of 692 was despatched on Sunday by the steamer Bagdad, which had come from Germany with a German crew. The vessel arrived in the Tyne at noon on Sunday and proceeded to Tyne Dock. The German prisoners marched from their camp at East Boldon under an armed escort. Embarkation commenced at 5:30 and was completed in an hour, after which the Bagdad was moored at the buoys in the middle of the dock. She sailed for Bremerhaven at 10:45 p.m.

Paper:Sunderland Daily Echo and Shipping Gazette
News ArticleThis article seems to relate to the previous article about the German prisoners arriving in Boldon as the amount arriving then was about 700 in number. Although as mentioned in the previous article's comments, people often mixed East, West and South Boldon as could be the case in this article which states the camp as being East Boldon where as the previous states South Boldon. Although another source does refer to Boldon having Hutted Camps 1 & 2 and Scots House Camp ,so there is a possibility of yet another Camp in Boldon. This could be in an area rumoured to be around tileshed crossings on the farm nearby or we know that East Boldon had an AA supply depo in WW2, could this have been the site of an earlier camp in WW1?

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