Thomas Dawson

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Name:Thomas Edward Dawson
Address:32 Fenwicks Row
Service Record:22525
StoryThomas Edward Dawson was a miner (putter) from Boldon Colliery. He went out to France on 2 September 1915. He survived the whole of the war, returning to England in November 1918. His father was Thomas Dawson, 58, stoneman in a coal mine, born Tyne Docks, and his mother was Eliza Dawson aged 54, born South Shields. They had been married 37 years. There was a married daughter staying with them, Jane Isabella Welson aged 27; a younger sister Alice Eveline Dawson aged 15 and a strangely named sister, Gwendoline A Coranation, aged 8, all born in Boldon Colliery. He died of a combination of influenza and pneumonia, aged 28, at the Sunderland War Hospital, 20th November 1918. His mother-in-law, Mrs M Robinson was present at his death. Her address was 114 Charles Street, Boldon Colliery.

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