Stanley Scott

Built 1908 SS Greenbatt, 1937 purchased from Newbigin SS Co., Newcastle renamed Stancroft, 1937 sold to G. M. Mavroleon, Greece renamed Neoptolemos, 1938 repurchased by Billmeir reverted to Stancroft, 27th Dec. 1938 bombed and sunk by Spanish aircraft, 1939 salvaged by Spanish and renamed Castillo Almansa, 1959 renamed Valira, 1967 scrapped.
Name:Stanley Scott
Address:St Johns Terrace East Boldon
Conflict:WW1 - Spanish Civil War
Service Record:unknown
StoryCaptain Scott came of a seafaring family and he was twice torpedoed during the Great War. He was Captain of the Stancroft and continued to be master of the vessel when it was sold to the Stanhope Steamship Co. of London. Family included Vera Scott Daughter and Ernest Scott Son.

Captain Scott had many stories regarding the Spanish Civil War, one which may have included this item taken from the Argus Newspaper (Melbourne Australia) wed 7 sep 1938.
Mr. Pritt, K.C., of London, counsel for Captain Stanley Scott,master of the steamer Stancroft in a gun-running appeal case, said to the Acting Chief Justice (Mr. Justice B. W. Austin-Cathie) during the hearing to-day, "I do not believe a word you say!"
When Mr. Justice Austin-Cathie adjourned the Court, Mr. Pritt did not stand up.The Acting Chief Justice.Mr. Pritt, I am leaving the Court. Please stand up. Mr. Pritt.Under your orders and under protest I shall stand up. I am sending a cable message to the Colonial Secretary today!
The case began in June, when there were sharp exchanges between Mr. Pritt and the judge. The charge was dismissed on the ground that the British Merchant Shipping Act did not apply. The Crown had claimed the forfeiture of 17 empty shell cases and nine aeroplane engines, which, It was alleged, had been found in the Stancroft. The clashes began when Mr. Pritt submitted that the matter was not within the Jurisdiction of the Court. When giving his Judgment, the judge commented that he did not sympathise with the Spanish Government. Mr. Pritt declared that the Court had gravely sinned against British Justice.

Another Story from the Northern Whig 10 june 1939 tells how one one trip Captain Scott had 1,880 Basque refugees, including 500 babies from Bilbao had to put into Santander under General Franco's guns to get food. "I was lucky to escape with my life," was his comment, he had also experienced many air raids.

This period was a very politcal and dangerous time with the Spanish at War and Germany re-asserting itself prior to the 2nd World War, various news paper articles talk of British Merchant Ships being targeted by the various factions when sailing into spanish ports, the Stancroft itself was later bombed and sank.

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