Captain Roy Gill

Name:Roy Gill
Address:Victoria Terrace East Boldon
Service:Royal Navy
Rank:Captain (Commodore 2nd Class) R.N.R,
Service Record:unknown
StoryRecieved The CBE in the New Years Honours List. For many years Captain Gill was staff captain in the fleet of the south Metropolitan Gas Company, and early in the war he was released for special services with the Roal Navy. Capt. Gills wife and family have been evacuated from East Boldon for the last three years

sunderland Echo Wed 6 Jan 1943

Gill began his sea training in 1903 at the age of 15 on sailing ships. During the 1st World War he commanded Q-ships. In the 2nd World War 1940 he commanded HMS Lolanda before becoming Commodore of Ocean Convoys.He was heavily involved in directing the routes of passage of Atlantic Convoys and of all of the 1,869 ships under his control just 34 did not arrive safely. Gill had the reputation as the most shot-at Commodore in World War 2. He later became RNR ADC to HM King George Vi and knighted in Jan 1945. From 1957 to 1965 Sir Roy Gill was first master then Governor of the Cutty Sark Society.

Imperial War Museum

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