Philip Turbull Wood

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Name:Philip Turbull Wood
Address:Elmwood House South Boldon
Service Record:5764
StoryPhilip son of a Newspaper Proprietor Peter Wood b1826 and Mother Jane Wood b1827 worked as a Printer. Age 22 he joined the Durham Light Infantry on the 9th of February 1894. On the 8th of may 1896 he was promoted to Corporal then being promoted to Sergeant on the 1/10/1896 , but after being caught drunk on duty he was reduced in rank down to private. After 5 years service on the 24/10/1899 he went to South Africa serving 2 years before returning home on the 4/9/1902. Once home he served 3 further more years in the army reserve before leaving in 1906 having served for 10 years and 995 days. After leaving the army he lived in Lynemouth Morpeth where he worked as a Colliery Railway Guardsman. He died 14th June 1945 aged 73. He is commemorated on a Brass plaque in St Nicholas Church West Boldon for his services during the Boer War.

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