James William Muir

Name:James William Muir
Address:16 Redcar Terrace, West Boldon
Service Record:141460
StoryJames pre war worked on various farms as a land worker or for private houses as a Gardner. Married to Annie Johnston Clark, With Sons James, John, Edwin, stephen and Norman and daughters Agnes, Violet, Susannah, Olive, Edna. Due to his job he moved around a lot, having been born in the Allison Arms East Jarrow (his father a gardner at the time at Bilton Hall Simonside). He lived a number of years in Redcar Terrace, The newly built new Road house, St Nicholas View as well as Bridle path. He served in the Royal Engineers Survey Company as a Driver. In the 1st World war this was a title often given to men who handled the horses that were used to pull heavy machinery or big guns, which makes sense due to his many years working on a farm, he would have plenty of experience working with horses.He was awarded the British Medal and the Victory Medal for his service. Shortly before the 2nd World War he moved to the Scotswood area of Newcastle, where upon at the start of WW2 the younger children were evacuated to Haltwistle. The older children had already moved away to Knaresborough before joining the services themselves, he too would take the remaining members of the family to Knaresborough where he worked as a labourer for the local council. He died in 1961 the year after his wife Annie, the job on his death certificate was Air Ministry Messenger. His Brothers also of Redcar Terrace later Addison road also served in the war, Andrew Morgan Muir (Army), Edwin Muir (Army) and Joseph Muir (Navy).

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