Joseph Muir

Name:Joseph Alexander Muir
Address:13 East View Boldon (1939)
Service:Royal Navy
Rank:Stoker 2nd Class
Service Record:K28286
StoryJoseph born in Jarrow moved with his parents to Redcar Terrace just a few doors up from the Red Lion Pub where he can be found on the 1911 census. During WW1 he served as a Stoker in the Royal Navy, a hard manual Job working in the bowels of the ship stoking the boilers. In 1939 he was working as a Streetmason & Heavy worker then later as a farm Labourer. He lived most of his life in Boldon with his wife Margaret children Elsie, Evelyn, Sidney and Gladys just several doors down from his brother Andrew Morgan Muir in Addison road across from his sister Isabella Welsh of the Mayfair Bungalow.

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