Joseph Richardson

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Name:Jospeh J Richardson
Address:3 Coronation Terrace, Station Road, Boldon Colliery
Service Record:unknown
StoryPrivate Richardson was employed as a miner at Boldon Colliery before enlisting in the 5th Yorkshire Regiment in September 1914. He crossed to France as an expert bomb-thrower the following year having won a prize for his ability in that work. He served for over 3 years in the trenches, being once wounded and once recommended for the D.C.M. which it is stated he declined. On June 27 1918 he was reported missing presumed dead. But word was sent to his family by his captain who told them to 'brave their hearts' and hinted that he may have been captured. A week after the signing of the Armistice a private Proctor, a friend in the same company who visited home and told the relatives that a party of 1600 men had fallen into the enemy's hands on a bombing expedition and had since been forced by the Germans to carry bombs behind the lines. He reported that Joe was a prisoner and proceeded to describe how most of the prisoners had been whipped and starved to death. Joseph after his capture had walked to a German hospital and had recieved admission. Upon hearing the news a letter was forwarded to Germany, but the curt reply was 'We cannot trace him'. The War Office was then informed and it is beleived that a searching party found many isolated Brisitsh Soldiers behind the lines.

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