Joseph Coulson

Name:Joseph Coulson
Address:West Terrace Boldon Colliery
Service Record:unknown
StoryJoseph Coulson a senior warden who had suffered a leg injury in a colliery accident hobbled about helping to put out incendiaries. "I grabbed a stirrup pump and got some lads to use it while I filled buckets at the tap," he said I blew my whistle and I think it was that that got so many people into their Anderson shelters, and so saved them when a high explosve bomb fell I was buried in debris from shattered out houses. My steel helmet saved me when a peice of metal spouting hit me. My wife and family were saved in a Morrison shelter in the house.

Joe Coulson was the Compensation Secretary for the Boldon Miners’ Lodge and was Secretary for the Durham Miners at the Boldon Pit Joe had 2 daughters and at least 2 sons, the eldest, George was lost at sea during the 2nd WW. The family moved from West Terrace in about 1948/9 and moved to the new Council houses which had then just been completed in Shelley Avenue, Boldon Colliery.

Sunderland Daily echo 1943

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