Ferdinand Brock Smith

Name:Ferdinand Brock Smith
Address:68 Arnold Street, Boldon Colliery
Service Record:73573
StoryFerdiand on the 1901 Census was living with his parents in Hebburn. Father Frederick Smith b1862, mother Agnes b1865, brothers Thomas b 1882, Frederick b1891 , Arthur b1892 and sisters Rachael b1886, Agnes b1896, Ada b1899. Ferdinand worked with his father and elder brother in the local pit. By 1911 Ferdinand now 26 was married to Sarah Ann Smith b1886 with Daughters Nora Earle Smith b1907 and Agnes Charlton Smith b1911, he was working in Boldon pit as a "Coal Hewer" and lived at 62 Arnold street. After serving in the Royal Army Medical Core during the war he was discharged on 2/3/19 according to his medical records. In 1939 during the commencement of the 2nd World War Ferdinand living in 35 Chruch Street was back working down the pit as a "Colliery Coal Filler" and had two sons living with him, James a "Bricklayer" b2/4/15 and Thomas b26/12/19 "Colliery Converyor to Shaft". After work he was in the ARP in the Casualty Service likely due to has past experience in the RAMC. He also had a Son Ferdinand BJ Smith b27/10/17 who lived in 176 Arnold street and also work down the pit, he was married with wife Margaret b5/6/20 and like his father he also was in the ARP service.


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