Evan Harrison

Name:Evan Harrison
Address:129 Arnold Street
Service Record:SS110958
StoryEvan Son of Dyson Harrison b1867 a coal miner Hwever and Ellen Harrison mother b1870. He had brother Robert b1889, Thomas b1897, James b1900, Dyson b 1902 and sisters Jane b1895 and Margaret b1906. Like his father and other brothers evan worked as a miner in the pit. On the 1911 census the family were living at 5 Devonshire St Tyne Dock, by 1918 Evan was living in Arnold Street. Evan served on the Renown, Topaze, Minerva, Dido and finally the Queen Elizabeth in 1918 (Victory II is a shore based site for unallocated Sailors). The remarks on his service records suggest he may have served a period of time in the army. It is not uncommon for men to transfer from the army to the navy, especially as stokers due to their previous employment down the pit.

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