Captain Richard Collinson

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Name:Richard Collinson
Conflict:China Sea's
Service:Royal Navy
Service Record:unknown
StoryCaptain Collinson of the Artic Expedition, RN, C.B late of HMS Enterprise, arrived at his father's house, Boldon Rectory, on Wednesday week after his long and perilous voyage. On Friday he visited the beautiful and retired village of Whitburn, where he had spent so many of his youthful days, and was recieved with every demonstration of joy. A triumphal arch decked with flowers and evergreens and surmounted with an inscription composed of daisies forming the words "Welcome Captain Collinson", was erected at the entrance of the village, through which he had to pass. Colours were flying in every direction, and the bells of the old church rang merry peals on the occasion. He was met by a number of the inhabitants, who were preceded by an old sailor carrying a colour. The gallant Captain seemed to be much affected, and shook hands with all present. The general testimony of the sailors of the Enterprise to the courage, energy, humanity, and kindness of their captain is most gratifying. One and all declare they would serve under him again immediately, even on another voyage to the Artic regions. The ship has returned in good order, though rather battered in her hull. The crew are in perfect health. Captain Collinson has penetrated the farthest point eastward from the Bering Straits that any vessel has yet reached, and that point is called Gateshead Island.

Source: North & South Shields Gazette and Northumberland and Durham Advertiser
Date: 22/6/1855

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