Military Concert at East Boldon

A grand military concert was given in the East Boldon Council Schools last night by the band of the Northumberland Fusiliers. The programme submited was essentially of a popular nature, and the interest throughout was well sustained. Particular mention may be made of a selection from the well-known comic opera "The Dollar Princess," which was rendered in a delightful manner. "A Thousand Kisses" waltx (Joyce) recieved spirited treatment, whilst the rendering of the serenade "Sizilietta" (Blow) left nothing to be desired.
A March entitled "For the Front" (Williams) provided a distinct novelty, national and poplular airs being cleverly interwoven, one movement consisting of the Well-known chorus "Tipperary," to which the famous "Marseillaise" was palyed as a counter-melody. The effect was striking in the extreme. A cornet solo entitled "Sing Me to Sleep" (Green) was contributed by Lance-Corporal McLean in a finished manner. The band, which performed with confidence and precision, was under the direction of the regimental bandmaster, Mr W. F. Cooper, who discharged his responsibilities in a most creditable way. The various items were recieved by the large audience with every mark of enjoyment.
During the course of the evening the commanding officer, Lieut-Colonel R. F. Roundell, expressed, on behalf of the officers and men, their appreciation of the kindness shown them in many different ways by the local residents. The Concert was organised by Mr F. A. Jackson, East Boldon, who is to be congratulated on the result of his efforts. It was announced that the financial result had exceeded expectations and would result in a substantial addition being made to the fund already in existence for the purpose of providing comforts for the soldiers.

Paper:Sunderland Daily Echo and Shipping Gazette
News ArticleThis article published in 1915 showed how the community in Boldon came together in many different ways to help and support those involved in the war Effort, in this case a simple concert enjoyed by all which generated funds to support the soldiers adn their families.

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