English Civil War Cannon

picture of and english civil war cannon picture of and english civil war cannon
picture of and english civil war cannon picture of and english civil war cannon
Range:1.5 Miles
Location:Barnes Park Sunderland
StoryPrior to the battle of Boldon Hill Royalist's had sought to carry out a sneak attack on Parlimentary forces at Cleadon on a Foggy Sunday Morning (a sacred day of worhship for the Parlimentarians) but were spotted. The Earl of Levens forces called up several Heavy cannon from Sunderland with only one making it across the river with the others lost in transit. The Cannon shown in the picture was recoverd from the River Wear near Pans Bank, the Location of The Scottish Army and is believed to be one of the lost canons. Comparing this picture with similar ones on the internet, it appears to be a Culverin, after measuring its size in situe in Barnes Park (note measurements above are approximate due to the condition of the gun)

A table of Cannon Known to be in use during the Civil war are listed below, but the list is not exhaustive as any older pieces that could be sourced in the area were often drafted into use as both sides scavanged for resources where they could. The larger field pieces were used for range and had to be setup prior to firing, where as the light pieces where usually interspersed with Foot and Cavalry firing smaller rounds and grape shot for devasting effect. The lighter pieces could be moved around more freely as the forces manoevered around the battle field.

Siege GunsRoyal, Culverin63-15
Field PiecesSakers, Demi Culverin and minions9-4
Light PiecesFalcons, Gallopers5-2.5

Knowing the Terrain of the Battlefield the likelyhood is that due to the hedging and ditches in the area, the artillary would have had little effect as grape shot would be most effective in open fields. Whereas these were largely smaller enclosed areas which again would have made it difficult to move and setup the canon.

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