Christmas Entertainment of Soldiers

In the report of the above given at the time it was stated that an account of the money recieved and expended would in due course be made public. The total amount collected in cash donations was 43 5s. The list of donations, comprising over 200 names is too lengthy for publication through the press and a detailed account is therefore displayed at the Post Office East Boldon, together with a list of the donors of gifts in kind.
The response under the latter head was so liberal that it was not found necessary to spend more than 22 3d 4d (of which 20 3s 4d was expended on food, tobacco, pipes etc 1 3s 6d in cartage and assistants and 15s 6d on printing), leaving a balance of 21 1s 8d in the hands of the committee. Of this balance it was resolved by the committee 1 1s be giveen to the Young Men's Christian Association towards the cost of their hut at South Boldon Camp, and 33 3s towards the working expenses of a reading and refreshment room conducted by the East Boldon Wesleyan Church for the benefit of the soldiers and their wives, and the remainder should be spent upon wool to be knitted into comfrts for the men leaving Boldon for the front, or otherwise for the benefit of the soldiers at Boldon as the committee may see fit to determine in future. The committee desire to record their appreciation of the valuable and unstinted services of the ladies.
It will interest those who assisted to know that Mr G Patterson, YMCA Camp Leader at Boldon, recieved a letter from one of the soldiers entertained as follows:-"I have great pleasure in writing these few lines, as i felt it my duty to thank you and all the kind ladies and gentlemen of Boldon for so willingly sacri-ficing their precious time to come down to these humble huts of ours and help to put new life into us Tommies, and help us to forget all our sorrows." Several other communications of thesame nature have been recieved.

Paper:Sunderland Daily Echo and Shipping Gazette
News ArticleAlthough a very officious article in nature detailing collection and expenditure of funds by a committee, what it does show is how much the local community was involved one way or another in the war effort. Although not employed by the military the war touched everyones lives in one way or another, with ordinary people doing anything they could to support and comfort those who were going off to war as well as the families who were left behind. Numerous newspaper accounts can be found of events organised by local people, The church and in later conflicts by the local home guard to raise money for the war effort and in some cases not just for our own men and women but those of the Prisoners of War in there care.
What is worthy of note georgraphically is the mentioned of a Hut at South Boldon Camp occupied by the YMCA it has been noted that during research there was mention of Hutted camps 1 & 2 as well as Scotts House Camp, this would emply there was more than one army camp in Boldon during World war 1. This South Boldon Camp was hinted at being located on the farm behind Bridle Path in South Boldon but no concrete evidence found as yet.

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